Rainbow condenses the magic of light that its 78 handcrafted stained glass project. Rainbow transform the place where it's placed. As a canvas of impressionism, Monet-style, Rainbow has vibrant and shimmering colors combined with the elegance of Mondrian that found the perfection in the simplicity of orthogonal offorms.

Rainbow has an interesting and appealing play of colors, created in our laboratory. We paint every glass manually. We'd chosen this technique because of the chromatic freedom and the lack of clear glass with color on the market. If anything forbids us to create, we try harder and get a new way. The glasses are wrapped in an elegant game of daffodils, cut and applied by hand to break and lose poerfeição the 45-degree angle that joins the ends. This piece is sold with finishing in blacks and whites, by applying a French techniques that enhances the wood grain, giving the surface similarly smooth.