Tusse is an exceptional experience of art and design. Our pieces are inspired in portuguese traditions and handicrafts.
The wisdom and creativity of the craftsman implemented by modern design and finishes, offer a revisit to the past and a discovery of new forms of being, thinking and present art and design.


Tusse combines past forms and techniques with contemporary art and design. We believe in the junction of advanced technology with traditional manufacturing techniques, giving a unique character and added value to our pieces. We look deeply into Portugal and its traditions absorving every detail which may enrich our creations. We want to be world-class references in art and design.


TUSSE want to enchant their customers and fans with the finest taste and style. We want to be a light point in art and design on national and international levels.
We'll surprise you in every Tusse apparition and certainly rouse unexpected emotions. We'll prove that you can enjoy art, possess it and use it in a functional way in your home, humanizing environments.