Each TUSSE piece reflects the dedication and attention given to it. Every piece is seen as unique from the design on paper to every detail implemented until the finishes. We create art as design and design as art..


TUSSE merges techniques and craft forms, the passion for creativity and the search for new interpretations of art. We place our soul in each project, this gives an unique personality to the place where it'll be implemented. We intend to rise the past, humanize it, reinvent it. Contribute today with a vision that will mark the contemporary world is one of our goals.


Tusse wants to offer you high quality pieces and distinction. Tusse will hear you, give life to your desires and awake new ones. We promise perfection in each detail and an incessant search for new creations and pieces.


Innovate and surprise, defending the creative craft as an alternative to mechanization and mass production in order to obtain high quality parts and differentiation.


We are motivated by passion for what we do. We believe in individualization. We want you to feel the same emotion in our pieces that we feel in the moment of their creation. We were born to develop our excellence with exceptional art and design. EXCEPTIONAL ART AND DESIGN.